1. Imporovement of SP Workbench Editor  ·  started

  2. Set a local variable into the Properties "Application Configuration->Config 1->URL" in Silk Workbench  ·  under review

  3. One should be able to see some basic graphs like Response Times (customer timers'), Throughput etc. even while the test is in progress.  ·  completed

  4. Silk Test: Support for WinForms MuiDataGrid controls  ·  completed

  5. Administrative Enhancement: DB view for Jira/DOORS/other 3rd party integrations  ·  under review

  6. Work better with PDF files  ·  declined

  7. Provide possibility for output.xml to display test description  ·  planned

  8. Enhance interaction with Excel  ·  under review

  9. Connect Silk Central with Oracle DB, using the SERVICE_NAME, instead of SID  ·  under review

  10. Allow storage of attachments outside of the database  ·  completed

  11. enrich issues tab grid view in test details view  ·  under review

  12. ActiveData class does not have method for specifying a spreadhseet  ·  completed

  13. Remove the limit of 32767 rows in an export to MS Excel  ·  under review

  14. Add a function like "export to xml" during the object spy

  15. Lock the column name row in the document views similarly as in Grid views  ·  under review

  16. Workbench: The flexibility to modify Start & End row numbers as variables for Visual Tests

  17. Add datatime when finish execution to Datamart DM_TestStatus as in test book

  18. Making the DataSources creation in SilkCentral flexible  ·  under review

  19. Allow a filter to be set on last modified

  20. Test document View with new information to know last status (exclude 'non executed' for rerunpending test)  ·  completed

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