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Automatic update of locator when selecting another attribute

See item 8 of the 'Recording Locators Using the Locator Spy' help topic. It states that

'To replace the locator that you recorded, select the locator that you want to use in the Locator Details table. The new locator displays in the Selected Locator text box. '

This implies that selecting a different attribute will automatically update the highlighted locator - this does not happen as it actually needs to be changed manually.

Wells-Fargo are requesting that this is made an automatic change as implied by the help file.

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  • Paulo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Was about to raise this as a suggestion but then seen your suggestion.

    I have to say, IMO, the ability to update the captured locator path with another attribute available, would improve the locator spy tool usage dramatically.

    In fact to improve this functionality a notch higher would be nice if one was able to also select/update the captured locator path with multiple attributes. This is possible to do manually.

    It works the same way in Silktest Classic, Silktest Workbench and Silktest Recorder.

    To identify a control with the locator spy tool do the following:
    - Silktest workbench you use the identify tool and then click or use the hotkeys to select the control.
    - Silktest Classic you press hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+L, hover over the control and then press Ctrl+Alt hotkeys.
    - Silktest Recorder you go over to the Locator Spy tab, hover over the control and then press Ctrl+Alt hotkeys.

    If you click, the blue link "show additional locator attributes" to expand the available attributes of a control, if you view/select another attribute, but the locator path does not change.

    Would be nice to see this improved.

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