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  1. Introduce drag&drop in SCTM web UI

    In the current version of SCTM, to move an artifact (folder, EP, ...) you need to mark the item, right-click, select "Cut", right-click on the target folder and select "Paste" or "Paste as Child".
    A more modern approach would be to use drag&drop. The current approach makes it time-consuming and tedious to restructure large amounts of artifacts

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    Silk Central 17.0 has had multi select, keyboard navigation and drag and drop introduced. Drag and drop available within the assignment of tests to requirements, requirements to tests, execution planning. Work will continue in next release to expand this within the tool.

    Each release of SIlk Central we review the UI aspects of the tool. The request for extending the drag&drop capabilities through the tool is on our backlog for inclusion in a furture release. At this point however we are unable to confirm the exact release but will update you when we can confirm this.

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